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    Payment Options

    M-Pesa Payment:

    Step 1: Go to your Mpesa menu and select Pay bill

    Step2: Business Number enter (151515), press OK

    Step 3: Account Number leave it blank, press OK

    Step 4: Enter the Amount, press OK

    Step 5: Enter your Mpesa access PIN Number, Press OK

    Step 6: The system will require you to confirm the details keyed in if the details are accurate,

    Press OK

    Step 7: You will receive a Confirmation message with the following details:

    1)Automated receipt number(system generated) which is used only once.

    2)Amount of money sent.

    3)Till name (Gazeti Limited).

    4)Date and time of the transaction.

    Late delivery

    This is when newspapers are received after 7.00 a.m. For magazines, this is one day after the due date. For example, The Economist is delivered to the customer(s) on Monday morning each week. It would be late if not received by close of business each Monday.


    This is when newspapers are not received by 9.00 a.m on the due date. For magazines, non-delivery is considered to have taken place if the magazine has not been delivered two days after the due date. For example, The Economist is delivered to the customer(s) on Monday morning each week. A non-delivery will be considered to have occurred if the magazine has not reached the customer by close of business on Thursday of the same week.

    Wrong package delivery

    This is when the copies delivered are labeled in another name other than the client’s name.

    Under or over supply

    This is when delivery is of less or more newspapers or magazines than what a client subscribed for.

    Wet / dirty package

    This is when the package and/or the newspapers and magazines received are dirty or wet.

    Changes in delivery address

    This is when a customer wishes to change the delivery address.

    Order adjustments during subscription period

    This is when a customer wishes to add, reduce or alter the order composition in the course of a running subscription period.

    Temporary suspension of delivery

    This is when a customer wishes to temporarily suspend delivery for a specific period of time.

    Subscription renewal notice

    Twenty eight (28) days before expiry of the current subscription each customer will be sent by, email or hard copy, a renewal notification letter accompanied by a proforma invoice for payment of the next subscription period.

    Termination of subscription

    This is when a customer or Gazeti chooses to terminate the subscription before the expiry period.


    -Request for a receipt for a previous payment
    -Request for a credit note
    -Request for a confirmation email on receipt of an instruction e.g. extension of a subscription.

    Below is the procedure a customer could follow as a self-service to some of the above frequent queries:

    Step one – customer goes to the self service menu and enters name or account number.
    the system should provide the account expiry date and possibly the breakdown of the products the customer is currently subscribing to.

    Step two – menu offers the different complaint/query options as listed above.

    Step three – the customer clicks on the one or more queries as listed on the menu.

    Step four – Every request should be made in written form and sent to us either via email or a hard copy document before it can be effected. For instance, a request concerning order adjustments, temporary suspension, changes in delivery address or termination of a contract.

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