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  • Karibu!

    Welcome to Gazeti’s magazines and newspapers subscriptions service.

    Gazeti’s subscriptions service allows you to enjoy reading your favourite publications without the hassle of last minute shopping. Enjoy early delivery at your door step (as early as 3.00am!). Get your paper in personalised, water-proof wrapping. In addition, we have made it more conveninent for you to pay one-off by cheque, cash or MPesa (Kenya only). No need to carry loose change to make daily purchases!

    About Gazeti

    Gazeti Limited is a logistics management company incorporated in Kenya. We offer a one stop subscription solution for newspapers and business magazines.

    We work with the regions major publishing companies and manage all aspects of subscription sales, delivery and customer service.

    As our customer, you can enjoy the convenience of:

    • Free delivery to your doorstep
    • Early delivery of your favourite daily & monthly publications
    • Personalised labeling and wrapping
    • Convenient multiple payment options including cheques, cash, wire transfer or MPESA (Kenya only).
    • A tax invoice that entitles you to expense claims from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).